Try on socks – HighFit Try on socks Virleta production

HighFit Try on socks

HighFit try on socks assure a hygienic and clean feeling!

The high quality of HighFit try on socks is guarantied by innovative production technologies. These extra long try on socks were especially designed for fitting high shoes and boots.

MediumFit Try on socks

MediumFit try on socks are the all-rounder for all footwear!

MediumFit try on socks meet the demands of ladies and gentlemen. The medium length of the socks does not slip from the heel. This all-rounder fits all types of footwear: sandals, shoes or boots. The enhanced MediumFit try on socks quality assures the optimum comfort for your customers.

SmallFit Try on socks

SmallFit try on socks are the best choice for ankle strap shoes, ballerina flats or French heels!

Our SmallFit try on socks enable your customer a comfortable and clean fitting of any low heel footwear. The narrow elastic band and improved form assures a careful fit around your customers’ feet without tearing or ripping. SmallFit try on socks protect your stock, are hygienic and demonstrate your care for your customers.

Virleta production

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